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Platinum Granite in Ottawa, ON is your trusted supplier of quartz surfaces. We have an assortment of quartz materials that can be used for homes or offices. For questions about our item selection, get in touch with us today.

Why Choose Quartz?
Engineered quartz countertops are practically maintenance-free, and are resistant to stain, scratch, acid, heat, and impact. In addition, engineered quartz countertops have a non-porous surface, so they don’t need to be sealed like natural stone countertops. Quartz surfaces are also available in a range of patterns and colours, so they typically rank close in popularity to granite, which is the top choice for many property owners.

Brands We Offer

HanStone Quartz
HanStone Quartz is renowned for offering quartz with stunning designs and amazing durability. Additionally, HanStone Quartz stone surfaces are proudly made in Canada.

Build your dream bathroom or kitchen with quartz from Blackstone Granite & Marble, Inc. Blackstone quartz is ideal for many applications, including backsplashes and shower walls.

MSI is one of the most respected names in the stone surface industry. The company has been distributing premium natural quartz and other surfaces since 1975.

Samsung Radianz
Radianz combines natural quartz crystals with technologically advanced polymers. The process results in a hard, durable quartz surface that may have a longer lifespan than other stone products.

Çimstone manufactures surfaces that require no special maintenance and are easy to clean. In addition, Çimstone quartz is resistant to acids and bases, as well as wear and scratches.

Gourmet kitchen features white shaker cabinets with marble countertops, stone subway tile backsplash, double door stainless steel refrigerator and gorgeous kitchen island. Northwest, USA


Modern gray kitchen features dark gray cabinetry paired with white quartz countertops and a glossy gray linear tile backsplash. Bar style kitchen island with granite counter. Northwest, USA


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